Outstanding Citizen and Junior Citizens

Each year, Progress Days recognizes an Outstanding Citizen or Citizens. This person is selected from nominations explaining why this person is an Outstanding Citizen of Bristol. The Outstanding Citizen is announced at the Coronation Banquet on Friday of Progress Days at the Parkway Chateau. We  also recognize an Outstanding Junior Girl and Boy.  These children will need to be in grade K-7, live in Bristol and be an asset to the community.  Nominations for both must be in by June 15th.                                                                   Outstanding and Jr. Outstanding Info


Our 2018 Outstanding Citizens are Michael Hole and Cheryl Widen


 Photos courtesy of Westofthei.com



Our 2018 Junior Outstanding Citizens are Ayden Crowe and David James (DJ) Wiebers

If you are interested in nominating an Outstanding Citizen or Junior Outstanding Citizen, please send a letter detailing the person’s qualities and accomplishments to: